Who We Are...

Built on Ethics

The founders of Kingsman & Co. hold a belief that the cornerstone to a successful business is the ethics behind the business. 

At Kingsman & Co.  we hold to those ethics first. All of our pieces are created with stones that are sourced either directly from the miners or through sources that can verify the validity of the stone. 

You can rest assured that every step and measure is taken so that the piece of jewelry you are wearing is truly one of kind and guilt-free with fair prices being paid to the sources of the materials directly.


Every stone that Kingsman & Co. works with comes from one of three places:

  • We mine it directly
  • From the hands of the miner themselves
  • Through some of our brokers that go directly to the source to purchase the materials for us.

This means that every piece we create comes from sustainability with nothing coming from a strip mine or any other practice that damages our planet.

Instead of feeding the wheel of third parties and never knowing where the materials truly come from, when you purchase a piece from us you know that your purchase is feeding the miner and his family, sustaining ethical business practices, and maintaining a world for us all to live in.


With every thing we do at Kingsman & Co. we focus on inclusivity. Every person on this planet is beautiful and we want to encompass that in our pieces. 

Regardless of your belief, orientation, gender, or position in life we want you to find the stone that matches you. We will strive to work with you to design the piece that fits you and your life style. You can feel safe and included with us!