Gorgeous Pink Sapphire

This piece was custom created for a special event that Kingsman participated in. This year Kingsman entered in to Imgur Secret Santa Exchange.

This is a 7mm Starfire Princess cut pink sapphire. 

Our secret Santa gift is ready to go! Silver and sapphire pendant. This beautiful piece is for a special Christmas gift. Cut by our own artisan facetor, this custom piece was designed specially with our lucky recipient in mind. A special person has this on the way to their home! 7mm 2.12ct princess starfire cut pink sapphire with 925 sterling silver chain and pendant.

Mining Expedition

Kingsman recently went on a mining expedition to a local cavern complex to look for some new minerals. 

At Kingsman & Co. all of our minerals are ethically sourced, meaning that we either mine the minerals ourselves or we utilize some of our adventurers to go to the miners directly for us. We are able to source and trace all of our minerals from beginning to end.

Some of our Other Work

Check out some of our other beautiful work!